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Directing Traffic Flow in Parking Lots

RA-1, RA-101, RA-1101 Stop SignsRoundabout Signs with RA-2, RB-21, RB-121 One Way Signs

In order to make a parking lot safe it is important to do the following: 

1. Stay in lanes and avoid cutting across lots
2. Drive slowly
3. Watch for small children and parents and baby strollers
4. Install bollards
5. Add pedestrian walkways
6. Control traffic flow
7. Post speed limit signs
8. Add speed bumps

Stop Signs

In addition to other traffic control measures, stop signs can prevent unsafe driving practices in your lot. Drivers will be less inclined to speed if they see an upcoming stop sign, and if used near loading zones, they can give delivery trucks an opportunity to enter and exit the loading dock. Stop signs slow down traffic and prevent accidents from occurring. Given that parking lots have a high concentration of pedestrian traffic, it’s important to slow down vehicles for pedestrian safety.

One way signs

Similar to the use of parking ahead signs, entrance and exit signs help to control the flow of traffic in your parking lot. By giving drivers clear direction, you can avoid mini traffic jams caused by cars going the wrong way or preforming U-turns. All of our RB Series signs are MTO approved and manufactured with the best material and we offer 3M warranties. Directional arrow means: traffic may travel in one direction only.

Posting speed limit signs, along with installing speed control devices like speed bumps, help to remind drivers that they are no longer on the open road, and that slower speeds should be observed.


Roundabout Approaching: Indicates that a roundabout is ahead. Slow down when you see this sign. Roundabouts are a type of intersection at which all traffic circulates in a counter clockwise direction. All entry vehicles must yield to traffic already in the roundabout. It is often accompanied by a yield sign.

Do Not Enter Signs

Do not enter this road. These signs give direction that must be obeyed. These are road signs that must be obeyed. It is to indicate that you are often going to encounter opposing traffic. Most of the time you find the “do not enter sign” at one way streets.

Yield Signs

A yield or give way sign indicates that merging drivers must prepare to stop if necessary to let a driver on another approach proceed. A driver who stops or slows down to let another vehicle through has yielded the right of way to that vehicle. Yield to all traffic in the roundabout, wait for an adequate gap, and then enter the circulatory roadway.